New Split, New Coach Voting!

When we think about coaches everyone generally thinks that it has to be someone that was a super star in their prime. Yet we rarely see that situation be the case. In the Esports atmosphere we see a lot of coaches just coming from a competitive background rather than a pro scene. That’s the type of voting situation that we have.

Frisky, Dangeraffe, Jmed, Ragebot, and Tusk. You’ll have to vote for your favorite to lead a team to victory in the upcoming season. Who do you think has the biggest drive or knowledge to take a team to the top? Will a new coach be able to achieve playoffs in their first season?

Vote RIGHT NOW! Voting ends Wednesday 12/18/2019 at 10:30pm CST. You’ll have to join the RGV Smash Ultimate group page to participate in the voting.