RGVSL: Playing for Glory, Season 1 in the books

When we started the Smash League we never expected it to grow to what it is today. A League bringing together local players into a weekly team based league. These players aren’t playing for money, they’re playing for glory. They show up to their matches every week hoping to show the rest of the Rio Grande just how capable they are.

After 15 weeks, playoffs came around and the teams had to show their strengths. How much did they grow over the last 15 weeks?

The day of playoffs came, and the day of grand finals came as well. Eagles took a decisive victory against Ravens going 3-0.

RGV Smash League Season 1 Eagles Champs

With glory comes the difficulty of staying consistent. Eagles will have to play against 5 other teams to keep their glory days going. We hope you guys enjoyed the season and we’re looking to bring the players to an even more enriching season!


Here are some promo videos we made last season! Watch them again and relive the excitement!