What We’re Working On, 12/2019

Hello, I know we haven’t posted here in a while. I’m also sure some of you may have forgotten about this website, but it is indeed still here. I wanted to make an article post about where we are right now as an organization overall and what we’ve done so far up to now.


It’s 3:50am 12/15/2019 and I finally had the feeling to type this out. I wish I worked harder and spent more time developing RGV Esports. But I’m still just a lazy 23 year old that spends his spare time working on something he loves. I wake up past 12pm most days and play games as much as I can. I don’t have a steady source of income and am usually stressed about my economic situation. I’ve been too lazy to apply to jobs and my bank account is really starting to show that xd. On the other hand, I feel like the Rio Grande Valley is slowly starting to get an organization that is worthy and experienced enough to bring a proper Esports experience to the local community.

I have 4 talking points to talk about in this cozy morning:

  • RGV Smash League
  • Seasonal Tournaments
  • South Padre Island November event
  • High School Esports Tournaments


RGV Smash League

So lets start off with one of my favorite creations, the RGV Smash League (RGVSL for short). This is a project that I’ve invested a lot of time into and have been shown that it is indeed a promising project. Not only that, it has brought me some of the greatest experiences. Watching the players truly give it their all in playoffs has given me one of the most exciting and tense feelings as a spectator. When both players know what’s on the line they’re terrified to let their team down. But they’re also excited to get their team’s appreciation.

Our future goals for the league are to obtain monetary opportunity for the players. This is a radical stretch none the less. It’s near impossible to do this. But that is still the goal. We’re also going to go back to the drawing board with the rule book. We want the rule book to be used more often when it comes to rulings. I hate having to involve Haipe for so many situations that should be getting solved with the rule book. Make sure to leave some comments letting me know what you want to see in the RGVSL.

Seasonal Tournaments

I’m never going to be satisfied with our tournaments. I’m always going to want them to be larger and more exciting. I want the players to enjoy themselves as much as I enjoy myself building up the event.

The biggest point that people did make to me was the lack of out of city/region attendance. This will be a big focus for me in the upcoming regional tournament. No date has been set but I’ll be sure to provide you guys with the news as I’m able to provide it!

South Padre Island: Gaming Tournament, November 2020

This event is the most mentally stressful for me and it’s still nearly a full year away. This event will be one that I will try to bring together all the experience and knowledge that I have obtained. An event that should and shall exceed all expectations that we have of the Rio Grande Valley. We shouldn’t think of the RGV as a limited space for gaming, but rather an infinite pool of potential Esports. Still a lot of work to do for this event but I’ll be sure to give you guys all the information about it as we get closer to it’s announcement.

High School Esports Tournament

Going back to the idea that we shouldn’t think of RGV as a limited space, I came across the Esports that are being held at local high schools. I saw that “limited” thing again. Where we didn’t have a formalized structure. I don’t want the locals to feel like Esports is a side project. I want it to be something that RGV is known to do well. So, I have started our endeavors into helping create a competitive and formalized tournament experience for local high schools. All schools from Rio Grande City to Brownsville are are part of RGV so I will try my best to bring them an amazing Esports experience. Our first high school tournament event will likely be hosted in February. Look forward to it and make sure to make contact with us if I haven’t reached out to you!