‘Press Start’ on joining the RGV Gaming Community!

You’re ready. After countless hours of training, studying the techniques and strategies of pros on Twitch and YouTube, and the classic smack talk sessions with your buddy on the couch next to you when you beat them into next week, you feel you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level. 

CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve just taken your first step into the world of competitive gaming and have decided to register for your first local tournament. It’s time to see if the hard work and time you’ve been putting in will pay off, not only financially, (pot bonuses) but also to make a name for yourself in your local gaming community, (one that’ll invoke fear in your enemies…when it comes to the game, of course). 

But where do you go? Who do you talk to? Do these events even exist? 

Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. Think of us as a guide to help you on your quest to becoming a gaming legend. 

In recent years, esports has become increasingly popular. With more and more people watching and playing games than ever before, it’s time the world sees and appreciates the gaming culture. But where do we start? 

The first step of bringing yourself into the local gaming scene would be to check out our good friend, the Internet. Comic book stores and arcades in your area should have a website or Facebook page that can give you all the information you need when it comes to the events they hold. Some days they may have events where the games are friendly and casual, and other days you may have all the top-dogs come out and compete in a tournament for a cash prize. From consoles to card games, you’ll come across just about everything! And you’ll make new friends and have fun along the way(And taking home some cash doesn’t sound too bad either, does it?)

Now that you’ve done your research and know where to go and who to talk to, be sure to follow the venues on their social media pages to keep up to date with the latest events that are going on. You could register online or in person for upcoming tournaments and events, or hang out at the venue, meet new people, and game it up! 

And if you don’t see any posts or events with the game you want to play, post on their page and see the response you get. There may be other people who are ready to meet up and play and the venue might even have a day dedicated to hosting that game because you took that first step! Whether you’re a casual player looking to meet new players and have fun, or the competitive player looking to take home some big money, joining your local gaming scene is a great start on leveling up your stats! Good luck and happy gaming!

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