Notable Wednesday Changes and Matches:

  • Mr. Magoo didn’t host Wednesday at Limited Editions .-.

Notable Friday Changes and Matches:

  • Goliath
    • Tofee Beats BluStriker and jumps to rank 6
    • Mr. Magoo beats Riddles
    • Munchies shows up, yup…that’s a highlight

Notable Saturday Changes and Matches:

  • Critical Hit Arcade
    • Haipe was expected to win considering how many times he had beaten BluStriker but lost. Regardless was moved up to rank 7.
    • Darklaw was expected to beat Ed but was defeated by his King Dedede.
    • Ed gets his revenge on Hope from losing on Rider Esports tourny. xd

Notable Sunday Changes and Matches:

  • Game Inc
    • Mr. Magoo beats Felip and reaches rank 10
  • Smashapalooza
    • ManiacJace wins Smashapalooza and goes from rank 16 to 13
    • SHADIC moves from rank 20 to rank 18 after reaching losers finals in Smashapalooza