Critical Hit Smash Ultimate Singles 12/29/18

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Match Time Stamps

Anomaly vs Tofee: You can't make the Croc into crocs

So I must admit that I don’t really play against King K. Rool enough to understand his armored attack mechanics. So i decided to look it up and found this poopy video that explained the weakness in it.

All 3 of these games seem like a different story. Worth the watch. To start the match, Anomaly defeats Tofee pretty definitely. While Tofee was on Roy, he didn’t edgeguard at all. He himself didn’t understand how to do so. When he tried to spike or pressure as Anomaly was helicoptering his way back up he’d just get hit. Leaving him with little options as Anomaly knew this and completely avoided recovering from above or horizontally.

Game being as tough as it was, Tofee decides to switch to Lucina. Looking like he has a game plan, he begins to edgeguard but in a very conservative manner. Rather than pressuring Anomaly the moment he tried to get back on stage he would simply wait for Anomaly to roll onto stage and hit him with a side special. Old habits are hard to kill, Anomaly took too long to adapt and it cost him the game. Riding this momentum, the pressure kept on to game 3. While Anomaly tried to switch it up it was difficult for him to recover to the center of the stage. Tofee’s Lucina had the speed and pressure to keep pushing Anomaly to the edges of the map. Without the space Anomaly soon fell at a disadvantage. While Anomaly led a few times in stocks, one could tell who was in control of the match. Anomaly gets thrown off the stage and is unable to recover as Tofee does the unpredictable and tries to spike. Leading to Anomaly to activate his up air special too late and not catching the ledge. 2-1 in favor of Tofee.

Loser's Semi Finals, time stamp on title below

After watching last week’s tournaments and watching the mad man that is Haipe, I decided to give Richter some practice to see if I can give a better analysis of how Haipe plays. To start off, Tofee loses 2-0. I’m saying this in the beginning because I want you to understand that Tofee didn’t play poorly nor did he have a bad game plan. He knew and understood that the only way to defeat a ranged character when you play characters like Roy, Marth, and Lucina is to engage and make it count. This is the reason he also failed to take a game or more than 1 stock in each of the games. It wasn’t that Haipe wasn’t making mistakes, it’s that the openings that Haipe was creating could only be taken advantage of if you could predict his actions. This is where it gets tough because after playing Richter a bit myself I realize that Haipe has an insane mix up as well as an insane idea of what he will do when he gets properly engaged on. To his opponent he may even seem unbeatable. A character with incredibly strong range tools as well as a master of hand to hand combat. Richter’s greatest weakness is his recovery, yet Haipe was rarely even off the main stage except when he actually died. I would call Haipe the op protagonist of this anime tournament but it’s not over yet.

Loser's Finals

Haipe [Richter] vs [Inkling] Commander

Same thing as last game, but with combos.

Edit Correction: Finals weren’t played, Haipe went to Chilies and forfeit to BluStriker.