Critical Hit Arcade | Smash Ultimate Tournament 12/22/18

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Round 4 Winner’s Bracket

DarkLaw vs BrolyLegs: The beauty of adapting

Both players start the match with a sword. With DarkLaw as Ike and BrolyLegs as Lucina. While the stocks for the first game score might have felt close, it was clear to see that DarkLaw had the upper hand throughout the whole round.

BrolyLegs knowing that he had to change things up decided to switch to King Dedede. Throwing Darklaw off completely for the second game. Within a few moments you could see DarkLaw struggle. He wasn’t sure what to do or how to approach. He respected his opponent, not because he originally did but because he didn’t know what he was capable of. Resulting in a game 3.

The term “adapt” is a beautiful thing to me. It’s what defines our matches. It’s what makes a set of best of 3 or 5 more entertaining than a best of 1. It also shows just how capable a player is. If you had seen either of the 2 previous games you could easily say that the winner of either would have won a best of one in that situation.

In game 3, DarkLaw showed no respect, he ran straight at King Dedede. Broly had become so dependent on being able to throw his spiky balls from a distance that he didn’t expect DarkLaw to adapt to his King Dedede strategy. Never giving him any breathing room and always keeping him in a corner and leaving no space between him and Broly, DarkLaw took the series.

Note: For my writings, I don’t have the full match clipped. It’s only short moments that I found note worthy to have. In this case I really love how King Dedede was capable of just going right through that B charge.

Round 4 Winner’s Bracket

Haipe vs Fro: Haipe can THROW

Richter (Haipe) practically kept Fro off the stage the whole match. Game two being a clean sweep of 3 stocks.

This clip practically shows just how frustrating it was for Fro to play this match up.

Round 5 Loser’s Bracket

Vash vs BrolyLegs: Understanding character utility

When players play Fire emblem characters such as Marth, Ike and Lucina they sometimes tend to look at Link as just another sword character. Vash denies these concepts in this match against BrolyLegs. Using Link’s kit completely, applying pressure with him manually set bomb by placing it and not activating it even when BrolyLegs is close to it, creating a constant pressure that forces BrolyLegs to play the way Vash wants to. Vash wins decisively with a 2-0.

Semifinals Winner’s Bracket

Haipe vs DarkLaw: Richter has 3 projectiles

DarkLaw played 3 different characters in this series against Haipe. Mario, Ike, and Meta Knight. He stood no chance in any of the games. Haipe simply had full control in every situation he was put in. DarkLaw seemed to come in with a strategy in the first game as Mario. Looking to flip Richter’s abilities using his magical yellow blanket, only to find out that Haipe can also fight without being completely dependent on the projectiles.

Accepting that Mario wasn’t going to do the trick DarkLaw went back to Ike and was pushed around completely. Haipe respected the Ike’s damage and stayed in the corner throughout the whole game, leaving Ike to be the aggressor. This didn’t work out for DarkLaw due to the small window that Haipe was putting out seemed to be so small that it was impossible to get through. Haipe takes all three games 3-0.

Round 7 Loser’s Bracket

DarkLaw vs Vash: Incineroar is in your corner!

Vash performs beautifully as Link but decided to run Incineroar against DarkLaw’s Ike. Proving to be an incredible wrestler. As stated by the commentator of the match, DarkLaw was getting punished any moment that he jumped. Removing a lot of potential actions that DarkLaw would have normally had.

DarkLaw getting put in a 2-0 scenario decided to play Fox. This situation was even worse as Fox has difficulty when he’s placed on the side.

Grand Finals

Vash vs Haipe: We Stand Until the Very End

If I had the brain and time to do it, I could make a fat 5 minute compilation of Haipe throwing projectiles. But in a most serious perspective, Haipe isn’t necessarily brainlessly spamming. His projectiles are aimed and calculated. Almost always hitting his axes when it comes to corner grabs.

After watching the whole match I just know I want to see more. Smash at times looks clunky and slow when at the hands of your average player. Yet, the game speed seemed to have doubled at the hands of Haipe and Vash. Their mains made this match all the more interesting. Haipe’s consistent projectile pressure Richter and Vash’s maximum utility Link. The confrontation left me in awe. Only able to say that “This is Ultimate”. I highly recommend watching this whole match as it was exciting from game 2 till the very end. The time hit 0 in game 5 and both players were still going at it. Sadly, due to the rules of who had more stocks or who had less % damage taken, meant that Haipe had won as Vash came from loser’s bracket. It was incredibly sad to see that we weren’t going to get more games. These games were magnificently electric. I can’t wait to see more from them as they improve.

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